As of Sunday, July 19th, we will be temporarily closed. Sadly the current economic conditions due to the effects of the coronavirus have made continued operations impossible for now. We have every intention of reopening as soon as indoor dining resumes to a near full capacity.

We will be working diligently during this period to adapt to new circumstances while planning for the near future reopening.

To stay up to date about our reopening and other important news, please visit our website at www.lamirabellenyc.comor follow us on 

Facebook (lamirabelleNY ) and Instagram (@lamirabellenyc)

To be included in our email list or if you have any questions, you may reach out by contacting us at news@lamirabellenyc.com though keep in mind the response time might be a little longer than usual.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support during the pandemic and beyond. We look forward to serving you again in our dining room in the very near future.

We’re all in this together, learning together, and adapting together!

All our best,

Nathalie, Löic and the team at La Mirabelle

Delivery & Takeout Menu Available until Saturday, July 18, 2020
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Welcome to La Mirabelle




La Mirabelle Restaurant opened its' doors on the upper west side on August 13, 1984 by Annick and Emmanuel LeDouaron. Its' first location for 14 years was on 86th street near Riverside Drive. For the past 20 years, La Mirabelle has been located on 86th street near Columbus Avenue.

     La Mirabelle is a family run restaurant serving classic French dishes.  Owners Nathalie and her husband, Loïc feel that everyone who enters La Mirabelle should feel like part of the family.  Our staff have been with us for many years, including Annick's long time friend, Danielle Ruperti, who also sings for the customers.  We strive to give our customers an atmosphere in which they can feel at home, enjoy a delicious meal with courteous service.



    After a courageous two year battle with cancer, Annick LeJeune LeDouaron, 70, has passed away on October 31, 2015 at her home, surroundedby her loved ones. She was born on November 10, 1944 in Bretagne, France.  Annick was adored by her customers and had the reputation of making all the restaurant’s guests feel as if they were a part of our family.  Annick fought her illness with dignity and bravery, never once complaining or losing faith. Anyone lucky enough to have met Annick quickly learned of her generosity, kindness and passion for her family.  She was loved and supported by so many friends and patrons and we the family are extremely grateful for this. We Miss her so!



WESTY 2019 Honoree: All in the family


PUBLISHED APR 10, 2019 AT 11:35 AM (UPDATED APR 10, 2019)

 Nathalie le Douaron Cadou started in the coat room as a teenager in the restaurant her mother owned. Now she and her husband Loic Cadou run La Mirabelle
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We use the freshest ingredients and quality preparation to make sure you always have a great meal.





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